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Apr 24

Magna Carta Lives On

In Medieval England British King John was at war with a group of English Barons because he extracted money from them to fight a war with France. To appease the Barons, the King wrote the Magna Carta, which essentially says the King cannot arbitrarily collect taxes from Barons. This revolutionary document, signed in 1215, limited the power of the monarchy and outlined the basic principles of the modern judicial system. The Pope invalidated the document just ten weeks later but its ideas have lived on and served as the basis of portions of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Listen to learn how the British library is celebrating the 800’s anniversary of the Magna Carta.

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Apr 23

Cheating Educators

Educators in Atlanta, Georgia have been convicted and in some cases sent to jail for orchestrating cheating on high-stakes tests in their school districts. An investigation found widespread evidence that educators were pressured to erase wrong answers on student tests and fill in the correct bubble. This is not the only example of cheating in school systems, but it is the largest. Listen to learn more how the federal No Child Left Behind law put so much pressure on school administrators that it led to the cheating scandal.

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Apr 22

The Epoch of Humans

When did humans begin to shape the earth? This is the debate happening among geologists who are determining whether the official timeline of the Earth should have a name for the current period of human domination. The concept of the “anthropocene” or the human era first emerged 15 years ago and a working group of scientists is determining whether to adopt it officially and when it should begin. Listen to learn more about the lively debate that surrounds this decision.

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Apr 21

Hillary Clinton Is In

Hillary Clinton has officially announced that she is running for president in 2016. Clinton has been in national politics since her husband Bill Clinton became president in 1993 and she became the First Lady. Her image has survived several difficult events in her husband’s presidency. She went on to become a New York Senator and Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. Her long career means most voters think they know her, but she is setting out to reintroduce herself to the American people in her upcoming campaign. Listen to learn more about her career and campaign.

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